I just wanted to write and thank you all for the care and attention you gave to my father, Dicky, over the last two years. It was never going to be easy for him or us as he had dementia, but he was contented in your care and because of that we were not distressed visiting him.


Thank you for taking such good care of Rhoda. Myself and the family were comforted by the respect and dignity you showed to Mum during her residence at Seymour House.


A very sincere thank you to everyone at Seymour House for the highest level of care, love and compassion that was shown to Mum during her short stay. I also appreciated the support which was readily offered to me during this difficult time for our family. You are all very special and dedicated girls to whom I will always be grateful.


I wish to thank all the lovely staff at Seymour House for all the kindness and support that was given to my father John, during his stay with you thank you so much.


Thank you all so very much for the care and the kindness that you showed to Mum during her stay with you. We were very lucky to have found you.