Seymour House aims to provide the best possible dementia care to those residents that have a diagnosis of dementia. All of our care staff have had comprehensive training regarding dementia and the different types of dementia.

Any new staff will also undergo dementia training in order to care for and meet the needs of those with dementia. We recognise residents with dementia as individuals and aim to provide person-centred dementia care where our staff always try and understand the feelings and emotions which are caused by the experience of a dementia.

All our staff are also trained in trying to understand the feelings of those close to an individual with dementia such as family, relatives and friends and aim to provide the support that is required during the different stages of dementia care. Finally we truly aim to provide a person centred care for individuals with dementia that comes from the heart.


All Care Staff within the Home will strive to deliver the best possible standards of care. Staff-training programmes are implemented to ensure that good care practice is maintained in line with the latest developments in Care Practices as may be laid down in appropriate Legislation, Regulations and by the Care Quality Commission ( CQC ).